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Nakima, the Innovation Factory

Our formula mixes the perfect combination between corporate and startup

Nakima works to change the way of generating and implementing technological innovation projects, accompanying organizations in their initiatives and with the ultimate goal of contributing to the creation of a more connected and global world that facilitates the lives of people.

Its multidisciplinary team makes of Nakima a great combination of profiles which are always ready to add value and knowledge to the projects they are involved in. That’s why Nakima’s team works well both in corporate and startup environments, and its flexibility and diverse remarkable experience can demonstrate that.

  • Innovation
  • Software Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain

Nakima’s Method

Nakima is its team; people who work from the proximity with the client, in a creative and honest way, considering the development of individual and collective talent as the best guarantee of personal growth and professional excellence.

The company has built a set of methodologies and tools which allow the team to develop projects reducing risks and inefficiencies, optimizing efforts and creating useful know-how for the client.

We learn and investigate

We prototype and iterate

We design and build


The first step in software development is understanding and writing down the needs and requirements of every stakeholder in the project.


We focus on launching beautiful products which are easy to use and get acquainted with. In our method, the user is always in the middle.


Our team behaves following the Agile development paradigms to bring the best results by reducing project risks and improving efficiency.


Our process never ends. Once we have built a new feature pack, we meet with our client to evaluate results and define the next iteration of the project.

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